Ocean Blue Play Mat

$ 24.95

The Collectigo Play Mat is an ingenious solution to playroom clutter. The mat surface offers a perfect target for dumping toys, and the soft rim keeps small parts from getting away. The handles and spout make it super easy for kids to pour toys back into their container. Clean-up is as easy as “child’s play.”

  • Large surface holds plenty of small toy pieces (over 2500 pieces of Lego)
  • Patented design with integrated spout makes pouring easy
  • Nylon construction is durable and easy to clean
  • Folds neatly for travel or storage

Collectigo is a the perfect tool for conquering chaos. What's the first thing kids do when they want to play? Dump the toys on the floor, right? When the pieces are small, they scatter everywhere-under the furniture and into the carpet. The Collectigo is a unique play mat with a soft rim that keeps the small parts contained. After play time, the Collectigo folds so kids can pick it up and pour toys back into the container. A pour spout and handles incorporated into the design make it easy. That’s it. No more floors covered with toys. No more stepping on Lego! No more chaos!

Made of durable Nylon fabric, the Collectigo play mat measures 26" x 26".

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